The incredible Dickens Process for massive personal transformation !

Hi there…a warm welcome from Changeworx !! Hey, are you having some real good fun this summer? Speaking of fun and summer vacations, have you come across people who SUDDENLY take off on a new direction in life? All of a sudden?…just like that? What makes them do that? To just take quick, bold and clear decisions that shape your life!Few days back I met this old friend Alex, who had suddenly quit this 15 year habit of smoking and even started exercising. Wow! So when I asked him, what made him take such a bold step so suddenly? And I will never forget what he told me… he said to me,

“listen, everyone is stuck in some space in life – bad health, relationships, low confidence, anger, negative beliefs…or unwanted habits. And they think nothing about it…because its been going on for a while and you’ve adjusted to it!

I was listening and imagining what is it that I am stuck with and simply procrastinating? Where did it all start? How has it impacted me sofar? What did it cost me already? What have I been missing out on because of this behaviour?

And then I floated forwards in time and imagined if I don’t change now, how will my life be 2 years from now still stuck…What opportunities will I have let go? Two years of unhappiness? Frustration? What could have been possible if I had chosen to act today to fix it? ”

Alex continued, “Now imagine looking at yourself in the mirror your life being stuck and not doing what you want to, like this, 5 years from now?”still living with that issue?!! And what ALL did that cost you? What price did that one laziness make you pay? In career? In relationship? In building your own confidence? In shaping your beliefs about your capabilities? In your health? Seriously think about that !! .

Just as this was beginning to sink in, Alex added, “Now imagine getting older stuck for 10 years? And 15 years? the costs and sacrifices, frustrations and health issues that engulf you” Infact, he added with a looooong pause, “you just finished yourself, by not doing anything to get out of your issues !!!”

What is the older you…20 years older, telling you to change which you failed to heed? Feel the pain and listen to the older you talking to you.

This is when I began to panic. We live life by the year…and never contemplate how our present limitations, negative habits and behaviour will grow into a monster that will swallow away our entire life before we realise it. Scary isn’t it?

Luckily it was only a bad dream. Nothing of that sort has actually happened !! Whew. Take a deep breath and relax. Alex was smiling, maybe even enjoying watching my reaction…perhaps my face was flushed and he could sense that when you actually go through this journey, being there in the future and look at the damage you have caused to yourself, something snaps in you and you feel this is it! I must take action now!! Absolutely now…come what may !!!

That’s when Alex jumped in and told me, “Now imagine what would change when you DO something to get over your issues?” Imagine all those goodies, those opportunities, those relationships, that self-confidence that’s bubbling inside you as soon as you take the first step…even before that issue begins to dissolve….notice how you begin to feel good.

Now fly into the future – 2 years from today how your life has positively changed as you got rid of that old personality and became a shiny new you !! How has that influenced your health? your well-being? Your relationships? And most importantly your confidence? Like that…just like that…watch and fly into a future 5 years…10 years…and 20 years from today and notice how this confidence has helped you transform your entire personality…your life, infact !!

In just a moment’s flight of fantasy you took control of your life…atleast in the imaginary world ! And it did feel good to be able to fix just one aspect of your behaviour and let is grow into a full-fledged new YOU !

When I went through the process, Alex asked me a this crucial question: What must you do NOW…literally right now…that will demonstrate that you are serious to take action to GRAB your future? For example responding to this mail? Or picking up the phone and making that call to someone who matters? Or just wearing your jogging shoes and take that short walk?

Take some positive action now…any action…however small it is. DO IT !! GO FOR IT !!!

You just went through an incredibly powerful NLP process called the ‘Dickens Pattern’…an incredibly powerful and heart-thumping process that initiates powerful actions from a state of lethargy and procrastination.

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