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23 Dec 2017

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10:00 AM

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Goa ,

Changeworx Consulting and (Society of NLP) Dr. Richard Bandler announce the 7-day Licensed Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner program in Mumbai.

An intensive workshop, ideal for those who want to (i) transform their lives from fears, limiting beliefs and years of negativity to positive abundance, (ii) make NLP a career choice as a therapist and counselor, (iii) use NLP in their profession; trainers, teachers, doctors and Corporate executives.

A wide assortment of cognitive processes, hypnotic processes and incredibly powerful language patterns mixed together into a breathtaking myriad of colorful techniques guaranteed to refurbish your life with jaw-dropping learnings on how to induce therapeutic changes in others.

WAIT !! Have you already come across 5-day NLP Certification workshops?

Why THIS PROGRAM IS UNIQUE compared to CERTIFIED NLP Practitioner Programs?

No self-certification by your trainer. Get internationally recognized certificate SIGNED by Dr Richard Bandler the co-founder of NLP, in a format strictly approved by the Society of NLP.

Lowest fees in India for the ‘Licensed’ NLP Practitioner course!! Excellent Value for Money.
Official Licensed Contract with Dr. Bandler and The Society of NLP to practice and use techniques in your profession
Because YOU owe it to your life, career and success!!

What does this program have for me?

What should you expect taking away from this program?

Permanently squash unwanted past experience, memories and negative thoughts.
See yourself instantly establishing rapport with people and lead. Whether face to face or phone, with individuals or in a group.

Become a fearless and effective communicator. See yourself transformed in the way you communicate.
Get a firm control over your state and behavior, now achieving desired result from any situation.
Stop sabotaging your success from here. Change personal history of unwanted habits, fears and phobias or just get rid of those beliefs that limit your progress in life !

Use language artfully and naturally understand language patterns, easily perceive the person behind the words and achieve positive results anywhere through right use of language.

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Total Seat: 12 (12 Left)
  • Goa
  • India
  • Sat, 23 Dec 2017 10:00 AM - Fri, 29 Dec 2017 04:00 PM

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